Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freebie - Ladies First Alpha!!

Megadoodle Inspired has a wonderful new action that is available in her stores. It is Mega-Alpha Cutter #2 Action for PS. This new action inspired me to step outside of my norm and do an Alpha. Bonus for you is that it is a freebie!!!
This alpha is the second installment of what will be a mega collab between Tink and I under our design name of Lost Gurlz "Venture. You may download it from the store Lost Gurlz 'Venture at Designs In Digital.

To go along with the free alpha is the first installment of Ladies First, a super fun paper pack.

The first paper pack is for sale in the Lost Gurlz 'Venture Store for $2.50.

Stay Tuned as more installments are added to what will be a mega collab, Ladies First!!